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Review: Doug MacLeod,

Master Blues Storyteller, performance at WSU 

Every summer, WSU's Ulrich Art Museum presents the "Art For Your Ears" music series. This year, Doug MacLeod, a 2014 Blues Music Award winner for Best Acoustic Artist and Best Acoustic Album of the year, performed in early August. The Kansas weather cooperated with a warm evening, which felt even better since there was plenty of shade. 


MacLeod, who is a master storyteller and very entertaining, explained the blues to an audience of over 300 people. Drawing on his 40 years on the road as a bluesman, he introduced each song with a great story about why and how it came about. He painted a picture in each audience member's mind as he prepared to deliver a masterpiece. Then he did just that.  


For example, he asked the audience if they knew who Louis Jordan was. He proceeded to tell them that Jordan was one of the original musicians to develop rock n' roll.  Then he explained how a Louis Jordan rift was the basis for his tune "Vanetta," which is on MacLeod's award winning album "Exactly Like This."  "Do you know who Louis Jordan is now?" he asked after playing the song. This is how the night went along; two great hours of Doug laughing, sharing songs and stories from his last three albums. 


In the many performances over the years that I have witnessed, Doug has asked the same question about numerous legendary artists - those whom people should become acquainted with to better understand this music called the Blues.  


A wonderful night, thanks to the Ulrich Art Museum and staff. With special thanks to Ron Starkel (long-time WBS member) who knew the right people for me to talk to make this happen.  


With some luck, Doug MacLeod will return to Wichita again real soon. Then, you will have a second chance to hear this multi Blues Music Award winner in Wichita.

I need to also mention that Doug is a fine guitar player too. If you do not own any of his CD's, do yourself a huge favor and buy a couple.  


- Randy Crump


October, 2015