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After he had with some guitar riffs played his fingers, Doug MacLeod erupted with Rosalee, features swirling slide guitar and accompanying foot stomp. He made masterful use of silence in his music, its impact still elevated, a master worthy.

In The Night Of The Devil's Road he sounded like Tony Joe White, who he indeed does have more style agreements, both in terms of guitar playing and in terms of storytelling. Impressive voice expression also, accompanied by the necessary strange facial expressions, all in a menacing and mysterious atmosphere. Change of mood than with Heaven Is The Only Place, a quiet song about a young man from North Carolina (MacLeod himself?) That went to a fortune teller to let foretell his future. This time it was Ry Cooder's musical comparison. And She's Boogy'n was about a pretty lady in St. Louis him long ago (almost thirty years, he said) inspired this catchy song with a nice boogie riff.

Also Rock It Till The Cows Come Home was a nice song, inspired by Louis Jordan, whose music MacLeod met early in his childhood. It reminded us a little of it is also extremely catchy Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley. The regretted because too died young and very talented Eva Cassidy he ever heard his song Nightbird sing so beautifully that he decided never to bring more live, as each version compared to its falling into nothingness. Fortunately for us means MacLeod is not always to his promises.

Welcome to Your Home was preceded by his hilarious doub bucket theory (the whole interpretation leads too far, but he already got his nickname Dubb George Harmonica Smith). A fine rhythmic song with great guitar playing, and the phrase shelter from the storm a small text reference to Bob Dylan. As a we get a bit of history about the kinds of blues, the Mississippi blues, Texas blues and the Piedmont blues (= East Coast blues = Southeastern blues), and of the latter kind, he would have a piece of us at best give acids Zu Woman, a frenzied valve. Fast, with a bumpy rhythm, upbeat, jazzy roaring twenties, (tap) danceable and funny too.

A very good concert so a great craftsman, and probably the greatest living representative of the acoustic blues, and thank you so much for supporting the acoustic blues, McLeod sent us into the night. And now I also know - after listening a few days - which Exactly Like This, his latest album, is also very rewarding.

Doug MacLeod seen and heard on September 29 at Meneer Frits, Eindhoven


Marc Vos

October 4th, 2015

The acoustic blues Doug MacLeod