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A little blues music
always soothes the soul;
a sample from 2013

September 24, 2013

This year has seen a wealth of killer blues music hit the streets. Albums with soulful grooves, nasty guitar licks and rumbling beats unleashed for music lovers listening pleasure. From the soothing sounds of Chicago soul to the swampy din of the delta to the rattlesnake flash of Texas and the sultry harmonies of the South there has been plenty of good blues tunes for which ever taste floats your boat. With so much to choose from, I felt I would list a few to help you decide which to treat your ears with.

Doug McLeod – There’s A Time

With a soothing guitar and soulful voice, McLeod effortlessly rolls through a collection of original tunes that is pleasant to the ear. Making his acoustic guitar do things many could only dream of there is no electric hum or fuzzy distortion from Mr. McLeod. The album was recorded live so what you hear is what he was playing in studio. From the opening track, “Rosa Lee” to the final guitar lick of “Ghost” there is something familiar about this record. I swear I had heard many of these tunes before but they are all McLeod originals. He plays and sings with a style that is very familiar to classic bluesmen throughout history. Highlighting the record is the afore mentioned “Rosa Lee”, the jaunty “My In-laws Are Outlaws” and the chugging “East Carolina Woman”. McLeod’s music ranges from robust and nasty to sparse and elegant as he takes the listener on a musical roller coaster before depositing them at the end leaving them wanting more.

Photo : Theo Looijmans