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There's A Time ticks all the audiophile boxes. It's just a singer playing a one of three National resonator guitars or a crumbling Gibson acoustic, a bass player and a.:drummer, recorded in the large Skywalker Sound soundstage without any artificial processing or overdubs. Then again, the three musicians _ Doug MacLeod on vocals and guitars, Denny Croy on bass and Jimi Bott on drums _ are not the kind of people who need overdubs; everything's in the pocket and nary a note's out of place here.

It's a baker's dozen collection of Delta-style blues originals, played intelligently and well. MacLeod's voice may not make him the next Howlin' Wolf or Willie Dixon, but it is powerful and soulful and has good range. He's clearly every inch the bluesman _ no "I got the not enough trust fund blues" here; MacLeod overcame childhood abuse and a profound stutter through his music, and ended up sideman to the likes of Big Joe Turner, so he's the real deal.

And it shows. The music is heartfelt... and wonderfully recorded. Outstanding tracks include 'My Inlaws Are Outlaws' and 'St. Elmo's Rooms and Pool', which not only highlight the musicianship but his wry writing style. Nice! AS